Got all my products today, truly the best service I've ever experienced, thank you so, so much . .

Regards Faith Tanda

That really is the most brilliant service I’ve received maybe forever actually, thank you sooo much!

Kind regards


Hi Sue

Thank you for taking the time to respond personally. I really appreciated the sense of family, community and integrity in the Still Pure website, and look forward to trying your products.

Best wishes,

Julia Casciola (email)

We love your products! Every now and again I try a high end product for my skin and Still pure ALWAYS comes through the best... My skin has never been in such good condition...

Warmest regards,


To the Still Pure Team,

I can’t tell you enough how much I love your products. I buy your soaps and creams at the Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town and they are the best cleansers for my face AND hair that I have ever found!

I don’t use any products with harmful chemicals, and your soaps and creams are a godsend for me. REALLY! Especially because they are so affordable – I tell everybody about them.

After doing a lot of research online, I discovered a lot of people are using soap bars like yours (or shampoo bars) for their hair. I know you don’t have a specialised shampoo bar, but I have to say my hair has completely changed using your awesome soaps. It has way more volume and is shinier than it’s ever been – I mostly use the Skin Nourish on my hair. Personally, I think you should market a soap/shampoo bar for hair – then more people could be aware of the amazing benefits.

I know many people don’t like using soap for a face cleanser, but honestly – my acne has totally disappeared under the lovely lather of your Skin Repair soap. I am on my fourth Still Pure soap and I will never look back.

Anyway, I felt the need to thank you for making products that don’t have nasty parabens or lauryl sulphates or the preservatives that I so desperately avoid (and the reasonable prices that make them accessible to people like me). They are the only products of their kind I can find in CT.


Lucy (Cape Town)

Dear Still Pure Team

I just have to write to you and express how happy I am with your products. I am always thrilled with each product I buy. I have even got my boyfriend hooked on your shaving soap.

I love your soaps and your essential oils. Your soaps last long and they really do smell divine.

Your products are of such high quality and at such affordable prices. I often buy your products through Faithful-to-nature. But they do not stock your body butters so whenever I visit Riebeek Kasteel I stock up. We stayed in Riebeek Kasteel in January and we were lucky enough to be welcomed by a bathroom filled with your body lotions and body washes. Absolute bliss!

Best of luck for the future.

Warmest regards

Victoria Hanratty (email)

Just want to give you some feedback on the soaps I ordered. I have been using my soaps for just about 6 weeks and I am spoilt for life! They are superb! The smell as well as the lather is fantastic. I love them and will definitely be ordering some more! My husband also loves the Shaving Bar - says it doesn't leave his skin feeling dry and stretched after shaving.

Wow! That Skin Drink of yours is incredible! It is so good that it lasts for at least 2 days. My skin feels wonderful after I have used it and there is no greasiness at all!

I am also loving the burner that I bought from you.

So pleased I found your website on the internet!

Glynis Smuts (Bromhof)

I now swear by your Skin Revival for Men. I use it as an aftershave (for my face and head), and, unlike most other aftershaves, is not oily, sticky or heavily perfumed. Once applied, my skin feels soft and fresh.  It has a nuanced, musky note. Bravo!!!

Mike (Western Cape)

I have given Still Pure products as Xmas gifts and birthday gifts and had a great response from everyone. 80% of the people that received gifts wanted to know where they can buy more (I can now refer them to your website). The Anti-ageing Balm (Skin Revival) is fantastic and the body creams (Skin Drink) are beautiful - so are all the other products but I find these two exceptional!

Congratulations to all of you!

Tania Bester (Cape Town)

Ons het in Desember by jul winkel 'n hele paar gekoop en dit is so lekker ek wil nou niks anders gebruik nie.


Gerhard ( Johannesburg)

The still pure oils are essential to my practice. They are high quality, well priced oils. My favourites are spearmint and African Chamomile. I also love the baby products and use them on my own babies.

Liz, OHM Bodywork (Stellenbosch)

INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICE!! I am a Certified Massage Therapist with my own practice here in California, with a large professional clientele of doctors, nurses, psycologists, lawyers, etc. What luck to discover your Still Pure website – a veritable gold mine! I love so many of your products: the pure essential oils (South African lavender is unbelievable with hints of mint and eucalyptus; African Chamomile is the best chamomile I’ve ever tried and the Rose Geranium is now the only geranium I use); the soaps make a beautiful, creamy lather with lovely aromatherapy fragrances; Skin Drink for Dry & Mature Skin (WOW! I kept this one for myself!); and wonderful results with the Skin Revival Healing Balms. You and your products have been such a gift to my business.

Thank you!

Craig Mills (California, U.S.A.)

Firstly, I just want to say I love your products and secondly I just want to say I love your products! The soaps bars and liquid washes are gorgeous and we use them with gay abandon, secure in the knowledge that they contain no synthetic fragrances, sulphates or parabens.

I used to be a (**********) fanatic until I found that it contained most of the baddies. I did not want to pay R800 for a tube of harmful ingredients! I started using your Skin Drink for Dry or Mature skin - I am absolutely loving it and will not be shopping around.  I also use Skin Drink Baby for the children and I really like it.

I've tried a number of shea butters (90% of which contain synthetic fragrance and parabens).  Your unrefined organic Shea Butter is fantastic, a true treat for a dry skin, particularly in Winter.  The lip balms are also excellent, not too greasy - I can honestly say I don't go anywhere without mine.

Thank you Still Pure for the time and effort you take to make really good products.  I look forward to trying all the new products in the future.

Yvette (Cape Town)

Gosh, I am deeply impressed! What a beautiful range. I am using your products every day!

Your biggest fan

Jen (Cape Town)

I was in your shop 2 weekends ago, on a Sunday & bought a jar of your after-shave skin conditioner (Skin Revival for Men), for baldies, & some other items. I have to tell you that it is FANTASTIC!! People ask me if I’ve just had a facial. I’m not fabricating the story.

So, a big thanx for that. Your soaps are brilliant too – thanks for the free give-aways you put in my shopping bag.

I hope you go from strength to strength.

Keep up the good work.


Peter Waspe (Email)

Dear Stillpure Staff

A friend recently gave me a bar of soap and a tub of skin food (baobab & lime) and I'm writing to say that both are just divine. Congratulations - the products are wonderful.

Kind regards

Cathy Blake (Kommetjie)

Hi Sue,

Glad to hear Wellness Warehouse now stocks your products - this is an excellent range. Don't change anything!


Pauline (Cape Town)

Hi Sue

Thank you for your exemplary service, much appreciated.

Kind regards

Ilze (Dorandia, Pretoria)

Hi Sue

Thanx for the quick response. By the way you have amazing products.

Keep up the awesome work.

Kind Regards

Valerie (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Am enjoying the products enormously.

They have a very loving, earthy and African energy about them and I feel both grounded and elevated from them!!!


Jennifer Herman (Cape Town)

Thank you Sue for my order.

I really just wanted to say thanks and what a pleasure it is to deal with you always.

Also, your soaps make me happy - every day - your soaps make me happy!

Kindest regards


Hi Sue,

I received my package this morning and I am absolutely delighted!

The individual packaging of each product looks very professional with all the necessary information on it (which I don’t see on other SA local brands) and they look so pretty and neat!

I think you guys are really doing a wonderful job, especially on the customers relationship maintenance, I’m very impressed!

Now I can’t wait to start enjoying the products!

Best Regards,


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