About Us


The brand still pure essential oils was born in 2005 as a natural progression from our company’s two original focuses – those being supplying farmers with essential oil plants and information, and custom designing and building distillation machines for the essential oil industry.
-  We help farmers source the best genetic species of plants to grow;
-  We develop personal relationships with these farmers and can therefore accurately monitor their farming practices (e.g. organically grown, wild   harvested, etc);
-  We steam distil their plant material for them;
-  We have their oils tested on their behalf;
-  We then either buy their oils ourselves for the still pure range or help them to source alternative markets.

Because of our hands-on approach, we can monitor the entire production process from planting to bottling, and therefore have control over the quality of the essential oils produced.

Owing to this, we ensure that:
1.  The essential oils bottled under the still pure label are 100% pure and of  the best
    quality – a brand with complete integrity.
2.  As we purchase our oils directly from the farmers, we cut out all middle men and can forward large cost savings to you, the end user.
3.  Although most competing brands in South Africa import their oils, we believe in
    sourcing all the oils possible from our local farmers to support the emerging
    South African essential oil industry as much as possible.

still pure - a brand with complete integrity - but just how good is good?!

-          All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients, which are wherever possible organically certified.

-          All ingredients are used in their purest form and are not diluted in any way.

-          No animal products are used, nor are our products tested on animals.

-          No artificial fragrances, preservatives* or colours are used – and no petroleum based bi-products, detergents or any other man-made baddies.

-          Extra effort is made to source ingredients locally so as to support our South African farmers.

-          When sourcing raw materials, we give upliftment projects priority, even if it means paying a bit more.

*  Please note that the one exception to this is the preservative phenoxyethanol which we put in our moisturizers. Owing to the water in these creams, bacteria can grow quite easily and we feel strongly that protection of our customers against possible bacterias justifies the use of this preservative in this one product.