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Natural body products

Still Pure is a brand with complete integrity – use all our products with a deliciously clear conscience!

Just how good is good?!

  • All our products are made with natural, botanical ingredients, which are wherever possible organically certified.
  • All ingredients are used in their purest form and are not diluted in any way.
  • No animal products are used, nor are our products tested on animals.
  • No artificial fragrances, preservatives or colours are used and no petroleum based bi-products, detergents or any other man-made baddies.
  • Extra effort is made to source ingredients locally so as to support our Southern African growers and communities.
  • When sourcing raw materials, we give upliftment projects priority, even if it means paying a bit more.
  • Our products can be used and enjoyed by EVERYONE – including vegans, those with sensitive or problem skins, from the very young to the very old!
Natural organic products

natural liquid washes

250ml, 500ml & bulk buys

Our liquid washes cleanse gently with a silky foam, smell delicious and are of course made with 100% natural ingredients.

Use as a hand wash or shower gel

  1. baby wash with lavender & mandarin oils
  2. kiddies' wash with lavender, mandarin & tea tree oils
  3. fynbos wash with african wormwood, lemon verbena, african chamomile, blue mountain sage & rose granium oils
  4. soothing wash with rose geranium, african chamomile, sweet orange & lavender oils
  5. refreshing wash with peppermint, spearmint, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus & lavender oils
  6. rose geranium wash with rose geranium oil
  7. citrus wash with lemon, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon verbena & lime oils
  8. nude wash fragrance free
Natural liquid washes

limited edition liquid washes

250ml, 500ml & bulk buys

Try our Limited Edition Washes, made with our favourite oils

  1. african chamomile wash
  2. lavender maillette wash
  3. lime wash
  4. fynbos, rooibos & honey wash
  5. castille wash
  6. namibian myrrh wash

skin drink moisturisers

50ml purse pack, 250ml pump top bottle & bulk buys

Limited edition liquid washes

An exceptional range of moisturisers. Using blends of cold pressed African oils and essential oils, there is a lotion perfect for your particular skin type.

Ever wished you could use your face moisturiser all over your body? Well, now you can, owing to the affordable price of these superb lotions.

Like a tall glass of water for your skin

1. skin drink - dry or mature skin with baobab & rose hip oils

2. skin drink - oily or combination skin with kalahari melon & jojoba oils

3. skin drink - all skin types with mongongo & marula oils

4. skin drink - all skin types with rose geranium

5. skin drink – all skin types with lavender maillette

6. skin drink – all skin types with vanilla

7. skin drink – all skin types with african chamomile

8. skin drink – all skin types with sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh

9. skin drink - nude with macadamia nut butter (fragrance free)

10. skin drink - baby with apricot kernel oil & shea butter

Skin moisturizers natural organic with essential oils

Please note that our moisturisers are the only products in the Still Pure range which contain a preservative (phenoxyethanol) which is an organic chemical compound & effective bactericide. We feel protecting our customers from the possibility of bacteria growth in our lotions (owing to the addition of water to the ingredients) makes the presence of this mild preservative necessary.

glass refill bottles


Buy our liquid washes and Skin Drink moisturisers in bulk and refill our 500ml blue glass bottles. Good for the planet and good for your wallet!
Hotel and guesthouse owners, ask us about our brushed stainless steel holders for these bottles.

skin food - body butters

125g tubs

Deeply nourishing, made from African cold pressed oils and essential oils. Decadent moisturisation for all skin types. Ever wished you could use your face night cream all over your body? Well, now you can, owing to the affordable price of these superb lotions.

Glass refill bottles

Intensive nourishment for all skin types

  1. skin food - baobab & lime
  2. skin food - african chamomile & aloe
  3. skin food - rose geranium & rose hip
  4. skin food - nude (colour & fragrance free)
  5. skin food – patchouli & neroli
  6. skin food - vanilla
  7. skin food - lavender maillette
  8. skin food - sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh

Please note that our moisturisers are the only products in the Still Pure range which contain a preservative (phenoxyethanol) which is an organic chemical compound & effective bactericide. We feel protecting our customers from the possibility of bacteria growth in our lotions (owing to the addition of water to the ingredients) makes the presence of this mild preservative necessary.

Skin butters and creams natural organic with essential oils

skin revival - healing balms

25ml jars & 125ml tubs

1. original formula

This healing balm helps with many ailments. It has excellent skin rejuvenation properties and works wonders on dry or damaged skin. It is an effective anti-inflammatory, and has produced significant results when rubbed regularly onto arthritic joints and other inflamed problem areas or areas with poor circulation. It also soothes itching skin, as well as instantly calming reaction to insect bites.


2. anti-ageing

Made specifically for the face, but can be used anywhere on the body, this formulation is superb for slowing the ageing process of the skin, including sun damage. Safe to use around the sensitive eye area to help with “crow’s feet”.


3. men

The same excellent skin rejuvenation properties, but with a subtle, more manly fragrance. Can be used as a general moisturiser, but is especially effective as an after-shave balm.


4. sensitive

A gentle formula made with very sensitive skin in mind. Soothes skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Also perfect for baby.

Skin balms for sensitive, damaged or dry skin, shaving balms for men, all natural organic with essential oils

organic unrefined shea butter

25ml, 125ml & bulk buys

Simply the best shea butter we’ve ever known!

Packed with phytonutrients, Vitamin E & A providing powerful natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties, it helps with cell repair and regeneration, provides superior moisturisation that offers long-lasting protection and hydration. Excellent for numerous skin problems including dermatitis, eczema, burns, chronic dryness and other irritations.

You will find organic, unrefined shea butter in all our soap bars and in many of our other products.

We obtain our organic unrefined shea butter directly from the source - a local women’s co-operative in Uganda. This co-operative ensures that the collection and harvesting of the shea nuts is empowering 760 previously impoverished women and their families.

Organic Shea butter

shaving oil


100% natural Shaving Oil which will turn shaving from a chore to a treat! Over 150 painless shaves in each 20ml bottle – perfect for both wet shaving and with an electric razor. Works as a soothing after-shave treatment too.

Natural shaving oil

lip balms

10ml tubs

Our 100% natural lip balms all have an ultra moisturising base of bees wax, shea butter & olive oil – but they are made even more exceptional with the addition of handpicked, cold pressed oils for additional nourishment.

Your lips have never had it better!

  1. tea tree & lavender - with jojoba, calendula & olive oil
  2. orange & thyme - with mongongo oil
  3. double mint - with coco butter, kalahari melon, rosehip & olive oils
  4. lemon balm - with mango, marula, sweet almond & olive oils
Organic lip balms with essential oils

salt scrubs


5 treatments in 1:

Excellent exfoliation action leaves skin smooth & glowing.
Blood circulation in the skin is stimulated.
The cold pressed oils provide superb skin nourishment.
The essential oils are absorbed more readily by the skin.
The essential oils benefit you mentally & emotionally, as well as physically.

1. soothing scrub

emotionally calming - soothes away stress & anxiety

2. citrus scrub -

effective mood elevator, bringing a special glow back to dull skin

3. stimulating scrub -

enhances mental clarity, refreshes the mind, boosts emotional well-being

4. stabilizing scrub -

harmonizes & balances emotions, while boosting sluggish circulation

5. sensual scrub -

almost 'good-enough-to-eat' sweet! For vanilla lovers.

6. men’s scrub -

luxurious pampering - in a MANLY way!

bath salts

300g jar

Whether you want to chill out, perk up, calm down or stabilize, our range of Bath Salts prepared with pure mineral salts and essential oils will do the trick!

bath bombs


Salts scrubs with essential oils
Bath salts prepared with mineral salts and essentials oils

Relax in a reviving bath and let our bath bombs dissolve away the outside world. Not only will they make you and your bathroom smell delicious, but the pure cocoa butter base will leave your skin deeply nourished from head to toe.

Available in 11 variants:

  1. lavender
  2. fynbos
  3. african chamomile
  4. sweet orange
  5. rose geranium
  6. neroli
  7. ylang ylang
  8. mint
  9. lemon
  10. fennel
  11. vanilla
Bath bombs that will leave your skin deeply nourished from head to toe

happy feet

foot salts - 300g tub

foot lotion - 125ml tub

Send your feet to Still Pure heaven!

Your soles will be born again!

Organic foot salts and lotions with essential oils

natural insect repellent

mozzie & miggie spray 50ml & 100ml

Safe to spray directly onto your skin, hair, clothing & bed clothes

And it smells GREAT!

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