African Wormwood

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African Wormwood

African Wormwood

African Wormwood

artemisia afra


Also commonly known as Artemisia Afra, Lanyana and Wilde-als, this is one of the most widely used Southern African medicinal plants.


Main Qualities:

Its properties include anthelmintic, antiseptic, choleretic, emmenagogue, febrifuge, insect repellent, narcotic, stimulant (digestive), tonic, vermifuge.


Can Benefit:

Diabetes, measles, coughs, colds, fever, stomach disorders, loss of appetite, colic, earache, haemorrhoids and headaches.  It has been shown to be a very effective antimicrobial agent against certain bacteria and fungi, as well as possessing an anti-oxidant effect.  It is also said to be an effective insect repellent, leading to its use in formulations for animal shampoos.


How to Use:

Inhalation for all lung-related illnesses, to clear blocked nasal pas­sages and relieve headaches.  The leaves from the plant can be used in a tea or in a bath.  They can also be warmed and applied externally as a poultice to relieve inflammation.



Owing to high content of thujone, this oil must not be used internally, and should be used with caution during pregnancy and for epileptics. This is a herb that should not be taken longer than a 7 to 10 day period as it can cause headaches and shaking.

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African Wormwood - 10ml
10ml pure essential oil in blue glass bottle with dropper screw cap
African Wormwood - 20ml
20ml pure essential oil in blue glass bottle with dropper screw cap
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