Buchu (round leaf)

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Buchu (round leaf)

Buchu (round leaf)


agathosma betulina


Main Qualities:

Antiseptic (especially urinary), diuretic, diaphoretic & stimulant tonic, anti-inflammatory, insecticide.


Can Benefit:

Arthritis kidney & urinary tract diseases, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis    rheumatism    wounds & bruises (external application in folk medicine in the form of ‘buchu vinegar’).


How to Use:

Tinctures and infusions.



Although buchu has been used for generations in traditional medicine, official scientific research on the properties of buchu is bringing to light new qualities all the time.  Consult an aromatherapist before using this oil at home.

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Buchu (a. betulina) - 10ml
10ml pure essential oil in blue glass bottle with dropper screw cap
Buchu (a. betulina) - 20ml
20ml pure essential oil in blue glass bottle with dropper screw cap
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